Laboratory is built in 2006. During the past years, we imported more than 40 (sets) test and inspection facilities covering all kinds of test for filter material, filter cartridge and filter equipment. The main topic for test laboratory focus on filtration & purification technique research and filter equipment development on petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, nuclear power, gas turbine generation, wind power, coal-fired power generation, engineering machinery, coal mining, and other industry. Based on actual problem feedback from customer, we can propose specified solution by job site sampling analysis.

Since foundation, it closely links with university and research institution at home and aboard, combines “production”, “study” with “research”, intercommunicate technical information with each other, thus strengthen the ability to solve problem , as well as speed. In 2014, we joined in CFR Laboratory from Minnesota University (America) to be the first one in Asia. The communication between company and university becomes convenient. Meanwhile, we, together with CFR member to solve frontier technique topic.


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